What Should You Look for in a Window Installation Company?

What Should You Look for in a Window Installation Company?

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When you need a job done, you want it done right. That’s why hiring the right window installation company is so important. Window replacement can be an expensive project and many homeowners put a lot of thought into conserving every dime where possible, but unfortunately, that emphasis on saving some money often results in higher costs due to shoddy workmanship by installers who weren’t up to the task. Poor installation can lead to damage and essential repairs to correct the mistakes, adding hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, to the project. Choosing the right company can be a challenge, especially for consumers who have never had this type of work performed on their home before. Not to worry, we’re going to give you some helpful hints to help you select the best company to install new windows on your house.

Shopping Around

When you start searching for installers, you’ll receive a bid from a company telling you what it will cost based on their assessment of the job you need to be completed. However, you want to be sure the bid incorporates everything you need to know about the project and whether or not it’s all been included into the dollar figure that’s being presented to you. The bid must explain what is being installed. The materials and amount of labor involved as well as the start date and projected end date. Basically, the more detailed your bid, the less likelihood of any confusion or misunderstanding later on. Any bid that just puts a number on a piece of paper without specificity should be a red flag. What’s even more important is to get more than one bid. This sounds like simple common sense but you might be surprised by how many homeowners get a bid that falls in line with their budget and they agree to the deal without seeking out additional options. It happens all too often and it can lead to big trouble.

Payment Stipulations

Under no circumstances are you ever to pay the full amount of the job up front, even if the contractor is offering you deep discounts. If your company wants the entire payment at the start, walk away. Reliable companies will typically ask for 20% to 30% at the start with a payment structure attached where the rest is submitted in specific increments at certain dates.

Read Your Contract

Every word. Read it. Look closely at the fine print. Make sure it’s all in order, particularly the warranty coverage. Should there be a problem with the windows or the installation of said windows a few years after they’re installed, you want to be sure that you’re fully covered under the warranty. Most warranties from the window manufacturer run for about ten years but you should also confirm that the installation company also provides some kind of warranty that guarantees the integrity of their workmanship. Those warranties usually run for about two years or longer. So be sure these items are in your contract to make sure that you are fully protected.


There are two factors that you must check with any window installation company before you hire them. The first is their contractor’s license. Depending on where you live, you might need permits to legally perform this type of work on your property. You must be sure that the company is licensed and registered to perform the job under the law. But before you even look into this issue, find out if your state has these requirements in place, some states do not mandate a license be held by a window installation company to operate legally. You should be able to find out this information on the website of your local government. If you reside in an area where a contractor must be licensed, get their license number and do your homework to find out about the company’s business practices. Are there any complaints currently pending against the contractor? If so, you may want to find out what those were before you decide to hire that company.


This is the other major factor that should play a large role in making your decision. Every contractor should hold, at the very least, comprehensive liability and workers compensation insurance. This is all carried to protect you in the event something unfortunate occurs. You can ensure that an installation company is holding the proper policies by requesting insurance certificates from the contractor directly. But when they send them to you, verify that they are carrying the above-mentioned coverage, standard health, life, or automobile coverage or blanket policies that don’t go into specifics as to the aspects of coverage may not fully protect you and your job. Finally, never hire a window installation company that does not carry insurance. You are just asking for problems. This is something to consider if a bid comes in much lower than the others.