How to Deal With Rejection When You Don’t Get Into Your First Choice College

How to Deal With Rejection When You Don’t Get Into Your First Choice College

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The stress of high school life isn’t helped by being rejected by your first choice college. You can be turned down for many reasons. It may seem your career and life are on the line, but a college rejection isn’t the end of the world. Sure, you can spend a short time feeling disappointed. Putting yourself into a downward spiral of hopelessness is not going to help; rather, you should think about the positives.

Your Only Path to Success Hasn’t Been Eliminated

That top college you were vying for may have had too many applicants. Schools can’t accept everyone who applies, even if they qualify. You need to look beyond the situation because future potential employers will look harder at your performance rather than the school you went to. Also, you may find great opportunities to learn through internships or study abroad programs. Going non-traditional may help you in the long run.

There’s also the possibility your first choice school wasn’t the best one anyway. It may be prestigious, like Yale University, but Yale isn’t the only place you can succeed. Another school can provide opportunities for a great education, making friends, and exploring your interests. If it turns out that bad, you could always transfer somewhere else.

Failure Helps You Grow

No matter how smart you are, you will fail at something eventually. Each failure can help you learn how to deal with life’s challenges. Many successful people admit that failure is a major part of success. It shouldn’t trigger self-doubt; think about all the authors, actors, and professionals who dealt with rejection so many times and ended up being successful in their field.

You’ll Still Go Where Your Heart Takes You

If you still want to pursue your dream, do it anyway. A few rejections don’t have to stop you. Read your letter, put it down, and then start looking at another school to learn more about their executive MHA program. Perhaps you’ll find a profession you didn’t think of before. Many people start college with one career in mind, and end up somewhere completely different; after all, it’s a time of self-discovery and you will figure out your different strengths and needs.

Not getting into your first choice college is not a disaster. There’s more than one place to build your education, social life, and character. First, you need to deal with the rejection of not getting accepted, but realize that’s not a reflection of what you are capable of. Dealing with that failure productively is a major step towards success, and in a few years, it may not matter when you find that perfect career.