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If you thought graduating from high school and getting into college was a lot of pressure, wait until you see what kind of pressure you’ll be under when you graduate from college and need to get a job. The last thing you want to do is fail to find a job that correlates with your major, but if you can’t find something that relates to your degree then it’s important that you start working either way.

Even getting an internship within your chosen field will help you to do something productive with your degree. Whether you study at an IV league school or at Case Western Online, you want to earn the most amount of money possible with the degree that you have earned. Here are 5 great paying jobs for recent college grads.

  1. Computer Programmer

If you study computer science and show a particular aptitude for any particular study within the field, then there will be plenty of jobs available to you when you graduate. Computer and technology companies are always looking for people who specialize and excel very quickly. Whether you’re coding video games, designing websites, animating movies or working on television shows, you could use your expertise to make money in a number of different fun and exciting fields.

  1. Landscape Design

It seems as though the people with the biggest houses and properties are the least equipped to landscape their own homes. That’s why it can be so lucrative to earn a degree in landscape design. Whether you are landscaping someone’s home, a government property, a city park, or a commercial center, you can potentially earn a lot of money while sharing your aesthetic mastery with your community.

  1. Architecture

Speaking of being a master in aesthetics, if you want to be a good architect, then you need to know not only how to build a sound structure and how to make it look unique and beautiful. If you can develop a reputation for building interesting structures that are nuanced and visually appealing, then you could be commissioned for some of the most exciting buildings to be conceived during your lifetime. Talk about a serious legacy!

  1. Copywriter

If you have always been a particularly strong writer, then you might want to earn your degree in literature or marketing. You could be a copywriter for commercials, blogs, the press, or any other number of industries. Every business and every person who puts themselves in the spotlight needs a writer at some point, and as a copywriter, you can choose from a number of exciting topics to write about.

  1. Certified Public Accountant

If you have always been particularly good at crunching numbers and you have a very good mind for logic, then you could make a very good accountant. Accountants are responsible for looking at someone’s spending and earning habits, and determine how much of the money they earned needs to go to the government for taxes, and how much money the government owes to that individual on a yearly basis. Depending on the nature of each person’s working and spending habits, this can be a more or less difficult job, but either way, it definitely pays well.