5 Great College Degrees for Financial Security

5 Great College Degrees for Financial Security

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There are a lot of majors to choose from and from those majors, there are a lot of career paths to choose. You want to make sure that you choose a major that will give you several options, and the more financial security there is in each one of those options might help you decide which major to choose. Here are 5 great college degrees for financial security.

  1. Medicine

Let’s face it, earning your MD seems like it’s just too difficult for most people. That’s why it pays so much. If you can stomach a lot of the unpleasant imagery that comes from working in a hospital, plus memorize a ton of information about the body, plus handle the stress of several peoples’ well being on a daily basis, then you deserve to be paid well. Basically, the more demanding your role in the hospital is, the more you tend to get paid.

  1. Graphic Design

There are so many things that you can do with a degree in graphic design. You could even earn it online from places like Rutgers Online. Graphic designers are needed by a lot of different industries – from people who design video games, to print or online ads, to CGI for the movies. There’s just so much fun stuff that you can do with that degree, which makes it a really exciting job that rarely gets boring so long as you enjoy the focused tasks that come from the precision necessary for graphic design.

  1. Law

If you have the tenacity to earn your law degree and pass the bar, you could have a very exciting and lucrative career on your hands. Plus, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to become a lawyer. You could eventually become a judge, even a Supreme Court justice if you’re good enough. You could also work in law enforcement or criminal justice. If you have a passion for law, then you should definitely commit yourself to that passion.

  1. Psychiatry

Just like medical doctors, doctors of psychiatry tend to make quite a bit of money as well. There are a lot of people in the world today who suffer from mental illness and need the support of prescription medications to function in life. Your job as a psychiatrist will be to evaluate patients and based on both their symptoms and the events in their lives, you are to help in any way to alleviate their suffering and increase their functionality. This is the type of job where you really need to know what you’re doing, because you are basically responsible for the way that your patients think, behave and feel.

  1. Computer Science

If you are technologically very adept, then you might want to look for a career in computer science. Computers are becoming more advanced at an exponential rate. If you have a keen understanding of how they work, then you could stand to make a lot of money developing new technologies and helping to fix bugs along the way. Just be sure that you enjoy the art of coding, because you will most likely be doing a lot of that, especially in the beginning.